Monday, March 1, 2010


Well, Melanie's neutrophils were back down today...ARGH! Saturday they were .2, yesterday they were .4, and today they are back to .2. A bit frustrating! Everything is kind of a day to day thing right now. It is just a "wait and see" game. One of the doctors, Dr. Petersen, has been out of town. He is the most experienced of all the doctors. They all have been conferencing via phone, but he returns tomorrow. All the doctors will have a pow wow, and decide the plan of action. Right now, they are leaning towards doing a second transplant. There are a lot of variables that could have affected the grafting process, and failure of the new cells to graft. It is hard to pinpoint what exactly went wrong and why. Melanie has been saying from day one that she just doesn't follow the normal path. She says she is creating the "Melanie Protocol", for future followers.

Melanie is having a really hard time right now. She is extremely emotional and frustrated. She also just feels plain awful. One of her nurses, Jared, told her that she is in the hardest stage right now. She has no blood counts or immune system, which causes her to have absolutely no energy. Melanie just feels crappy! She is also really scared as well.

Darn it! We just have to remain positive and optimistic.


rania_ka said...

Good morning from Greece..
Melanie please don't give up now..
Better days are coming..We are all praying for you..
Love Rania

Jill said...

Just want you to know you are in my prayers. And in a lot of prayers. This is probably the hardest leg in your journey, but hold on. Your going to make it and be such a strong fighter when all is said and done. Hope tomorrow is a good day. Sending you lot's of hugs and encouragement! Jill

Miss Nelson said...

I'll just keep praying for better days. Hang in there Mel! You are loved!

Cami said...

Oh sweet Melly! My heart is just breaking for you. We continue to pray for you here at the Bodrero home. I hope you can feel the love of so many who are wishing you well. We will continue to be by your side no matter how long it takes to fight his!

I love you!

Jana said...

You are so amazing, you may not feel that now but know that you are an inspiration to so many. I pray and think about you all the time. Soon we will all see that cute and smiling face, I just know it!!

Kimbies said...

I wish I could just make you better and done with this! My heart just breaks for you. Just remember that you are so strong. Just keep hanging in there okay. I'm sure it is hard to do that day in and day out. Just know you have so many people on your side! I love you so much! I will be back out there soon okay.

Love you Sis!!