Friday, March 5, 2010

Still Remission

Today was another pretty good day. Melanie continues to be nauseous, which is no fun for her. One of her nurses says it may be because she is eating more, and her stomach is just not use to it yet. Melanie just wishes it would go away, so she felt more like walking around. Today was a day of NO transfusions! Her neutrophils and white blood cell counts were both up a point as well. They also go her full bone marrow biopsy report back and it looked nice. There is still no sign of Leukemia in her marrow, and there were some platelet cells that are growing. YEAH!

Dr. Ash told Melanie what had to happen in order for her to get out of the hospital. Her neutrophils have to hold at .5 or above (she is .4 today), and she has to have no need for transfusions. Hopefully this scenario will come about soon!

Melanie had some fun times today. She had a fun visit from Kevin, Gina, and Ashely Ellsworth. Melanie was really excited that Kevin stopped by. Her glasses were bugging her and he was able to do a quick adjustment! Melanie was also able to Skype this evening. It was our cute little niece, Lindsey's first birthday. Melanie was able to visit with Kaden, and see her nieces and nephews that she doesn't get to see very much right now. I know it was good to be in on the action, even though she is far away. What an amazing thing Skype is! It was a great night!

Hope the nausea subsides a bit tomorrow, Melanie. Love ya!

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rania_ka said...

Oh my God Melanie,I'm so happy for you..With all those people praying for you,you will be going home real fast..
Love Rania