Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A tough day

Well we knew that today might be tough because Mel's blood was low. We did not expect the day that she had. She was pretty much sick all day long. She just couldn't keep anything down. Zofran is an anti nausea drug that she had been taking every morning. Her PA asked her Monday if that was helping. Melanie wasn't quite sure so they decided she would skip today and see if she needed to still take it. Well, the answer seems to be YES! I felt really bad for her. Finally at about 6:00 she called the clinic to see what we should do. We were really concerned that she was getting too dehydrated. Thankfully, they told her to take the Zofran and see if that helped. If things got worse we needed to call them back and go from there. The Zofran seemed to help tremendously! She did not throw up again and was able to sleep a good 2 1/2 hours. When she got up, she was pretty weak and tired. She was able to eat a little soup, some crackers and a little cottage cheese. She had to have something just to take the hand full of pills that she needed to take. It was all she could do to get all those pills down. Jeepers! I am very glad that her nausea seems to have subsided. Let's pray that keeps up throughout the night. :)

Tomorrow will be another long day at the clinic. She will be getting some transfusions (blood & platelets) I am sure. Hopefully they will give her some fluids as well to help replenish all she lost today. We also should find out when they scheduled the bone marrow biopsy. We will keep you all posted.

Melanie, tomorrow will be a better day.... I love you so much!


Cami said...

I'm so sorry Mel! What an awful day! I guess you know that Zofran needs to be a daily thing. :)

I love you!

Chelsey said...

Sorry to hear about your bad day :( You're in my thoughts and prayers!

I was just going to put my name here but thought I better say who I am. I grew up with your brother Mike, we actually have the same birthday. I had your mom for a music teacher and love her! My maiden name is Seamons and my family lives just a block south of the Center St. church in Hyde Park.

- Chelsey Markham

P.S. I watched a dvd the other day called CrazySexy Cancer, it's a documentary that's pretty good. If you can handle a bit of language you should check it out :)

Marla said...

Hey, Mel, you are such a tough cookie!!! Sometimes we think that we are doing things well on our own, but it is no fun to find out that we do need all of the medicine that is given to us. What a way to spend the day, I hope that tomorrow does not end up dragging out for you. Love your guts, and keep your head high. Marla