Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Fabulous Day

I am so excited to post some good news again tonight! Melanie's blood levels were up even further this morning. Her neutrophils are at 1.0!!! Awesome! Her hematocrit (red blood cells) are at 30, all on their own without any transfusion! Her white blood counts are up too. Her platelets are still low, but they are expected to go up as well. Now if the nausea would just go away...the doctors are thinking that the nausea is due to graph vs. host which is good in small amounts. Dr. Ash told Mel that she may be able to leave the hospital tomorrow! It is remarkable that just days ago we were looking at plan B and now here we are with the possibility of discharge...what a roller coaster ride. We are excited to see what tomorrow brings. Thank you so much for all of your prayers!

Melanie posted these pictures along with the text:

What Scott and and Leslie gave me on Saturday. They also gave me Willow Trees' Angel of Hope that we obviously failed to add to the pic. We had a great visit! Thanks for making me smile!

This is the step after swollen and red - peeling and dry.

My mom with her girlfriends Barbara and Valerie. Thanks for visiting today. My mom was so happy and excited (except for the shower issue, sorry mom).


Dan said...

That's great news! Go Mel! ♥

Grandma Smith said...

We are all here cheering you on. Such great news! This blog could be a best seller because there are so many of us who start our day by reading it. I am just so happy for you. I know your journy is on-going so our prayers are still with you. But what a happy day!
Love you Mel,
Aunt Lenie

Tanille and Bill said...

Great News Melanie, I love your green shoes. Good Luck with everything!

Monica said...

Yahoo! We are so excited for the good news and we are praying you get to come home soon. You are one tough cookie! love ya

Heidi Hartley said...

I am so excited to hear your news! I hope everything continues to improve and you get to leave! Good luck. Keep smiling!