Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Still on The Ride

Today was a pretty interesting day for Melanie. I guess Kim was sick all night long. Maybe it is just a sympathy sickness? I guess she was feeling left out of all this nausea. Needless to say, she spent the day locked in her room to avoid spreading the germs. Sorry, Kim! Melanie said she had a low key day, if you count falling in the bathtub low key. Luckily it was a fall that she could laugh about. Austin and I were suppose to go and visit, but opted out of the chance to possibly get sick as well. Since Kim was out of commission, Greg accompanied Melanie to her clinic appointment.

Melanie's counts were up again today. Yeah! They did not give her a neupogen shot this time, so we will see what her counts do on Friday. She needs her counts to stay up without having to have the neupogen shot. They are also going to check and see what percentage of t-cells are the donors. The last time they checked it was 77%. If they have come up since the last check, that is great news. If they are down from the last check, then it may mean that Melanie's cells are killing off the donor cells. We are thinking UP!

So, we just continue to ride this roller coaster, and are really glad that you are all on the ride with us!

Keep your chin up, Melanie, but watch your feet in the tub. :)


Cami said...

I thought the donor t-cells were 82%? That's sounds so much better than 17%. I am so relieved to hear that the counts are up. We are sending good vibes your way Mel and lots of love!!!

Mel said...

Donor T-cells were actually 77%. :)