Friday, March 12, 2010

A Tired Kind Of Day

Mel had a good day! No puking or nausea. She said that she was really tired and feeling pent up. She needs to stay out of direct sunlight so she wasn't able to go on a walk. We joked about her carrying Greg's beach umbrella with her to protect her from the sun and laughed about the funny looks she might get with her mask on, carrying a giant umbrella. Being in a public place is not an option right now, so Mel has to be content just staying in the house, which she's fine with...just feeling a bit of cabin fever.

Melanie's immunosuppressive drug has caused her magnesium levels to drop, so she has to be given some through her central line. She puts the bag of magnesium in a fanny pack...I don't think she's named the fanny pack yet. Home health came over last night to show her how to hook up the magnesium and they were there for about 3 hrs. The nurse forgot to bring some of the needed supplies for flushing Mel's line, so they had to wait for another person to bring them. My mom and Me were ready for bed long before they all left.

Mel heads back to the hospital to have her blood levels checked tomorrow...we are hoping to see some good ones!!

Love you bunches Mel!!

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Marla said...

The nurses must get paid by the hour not the visit. Hope today goes well!! Love your guts, Marla