Sunday, March 21, 2010

Package from Tim

The other day, Melanie received a special package. Her friend Suzanne sent a message to something Tim Mcgraw (I don't know the entire story). Anyhow, Melanie thinks it must be the fan club that sent her some great Tim Mcgraw stuff!

A nice big towel.

There was also, a picture, a mouse pad, the movie Flicka, and a signed CD. Melanie was pretty excited! She is really hoping to be able to go to the concert at the end of July. She usually always attends. It is at the USANA Ampitheater, which will be tricky. She can't be out in the sun a lot now! We are trying to figure out a way she could attend, and still be safe.

We had quite a get together at Greg and Charise's house tonight. My mom and dad, Kaden, Cami and her three boys, and myself and Chase, all headed over. With Melanie, Kim, Greg, and Charise, we had a full house. We did some good visiting, laughing, eating, and playing games.

Melanie was finally able to eat a red velvet cupcake. It was not the same one since the transplant. We brought her a nice, fresh one! YUMMY!

Of course, Melanie was glad to see Kaden and spend some time with him! Tomorrow she heads to clinic to have some more blood work. Our fingers are crossed for some numbers that have gone up!

Good luck tomorrow, Melanie. Love ya!

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Kerren said...

WOW! Such great news! Just thinking of you all cuddled up with that towel, etc. makes me smile! Such cute pictures, and it's lovely knowing you had such terrific family time! Isn't spring just the greatest thing ever? Have a wonderful day! Much love!