Monday, March 22, 2010

The clinic and a visit from Grandpa Perkes

Today started out at the clinic at 8:20 AM. It was another 3 1/2 hour stint at the clinic. seems like it takes forever some days.... Mel is always a trooper. They checked her levels and she met with the PA and Dr Ashe today. Her levels were.....okay. Her nuetraphils were 1.3 (up), her white count was 1.8 (up). As for her red blood and platelets, they were both down. Red blood was 24.6 and platelets were 18,000. These levels are both right at the point of getting a transfusion. Melanie decided she would get the transfusion on Wednesday since we had already been there for 3 1/2 hours. Both the doc and the PA were okay with that. They did give her a neupogen shot to help boost her levels. Because her blood is low, she is pretty tired. So it will be another couple of low key days. Dr Ashe said that they will do another bone marrow biopsy next week. They are still just trying to give her body a chance to get things going on its own. We are keeping our fingers crossed that will happen soon. Mel keeps saying that leukemia is a game of waiting and being patient. She is doing her best to be patient.

Melanie had a visitor at Greg's today. Grandpa Perkes. She always loves to see him. We were able to have a nice visit. We both still find it hard to get used to not seeing grandma as well. Melanie was so glad to see him and to be able to give him a big hug!

Thanks for coming by Grandpa! :)

Thanks again for all the support and prayers that you all keep giving! We have the most wonderful family and friends. We can not thank you enough!

I love you Melanie! Your strength is amazing! I am blown away everyday by your courage! Stay strong dear sister!


rania_ka said...

Goodmorning from Greece..
I'm still here Melanie..Still praying with all the others..
Love Rania

Darlene said...

Blessings and love.