Friday, March 26, 2010

Changing of the Guard

Hi, It's Mom (Peggy). Kim flew back to Boulder, Colorado today. She's been such a great help for Melanie. Thanks Kim, for all of the sacrifice you've given to help us out! We went to the clinic today for labs. Mel's white blood count was down to 1.3 (normal is 3.6-10.6). Her neutrophil count was down to 0.8 (normal is 1.8-6.8). They gave her a neupogen shot to boost both of these counts. Her hematocrit was up to 31.4 (normal is 36-46). Of course the red cells always go up after she has been given a blood transfusion. Her platelets were 20, 000 (normal is 150,000-400,000). They have been going up steadily on their own. Yea! The PA, Steve, was excited to tell us the donor cells are 98% in her peripheral blood. Of course that was old news to us. He told us this was a good sign of engraftment. I was reading in the guidebook for bone and blood marrow transplant. This is what it says about post transplant recovery. " Even though your transplant is officially 'over', your medical recovery is not. It may take several months to years for your blood cells to regenerate to normal levels, and up to two years for your immune system to be fully functional. Until then, you will be at increased risk for infection, bleeding and fatigue. Your reintegration into life can be a long process. Your body has been through a major ordeal, and your immune defenses are down. You may be anxious to resume the family and work roles that you left behind, but be realistic with your expectations for yourself. It's unlikely that you will be able to resume your pre-illness level of activity right away. TAKE TIME AND BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF."

What a patience tester! Leukemia is not for wimps. Thanks Melanie for being so courageous and dealing with the ups and downs of this disease. We're all waiting patiently with you and putting our trust and faith in God that the miracle we've been praying for will continue to come to pass. We're grateful for all of the support we've been given from friends, family, neighbors, visiting teachers, home teachers, ward members and newly found supporters. It's nice to have a network of Leukemia Kickers!

Love you all,


Cami said...

Great post mom! It's nice to know what the normal blood levels are, it puts things into perspective. Miss you here, but know you are where you are needed the most.

Eryn Adamson said...

I read your blog every night before I go to bed. I am really praying for you and your family. We spent all weekend spring cleaning and finding donations for your fundraiser. We all love you very much and I admire your strength, courage, and sense of humor through this trial. Keep you head up. More people are praying for you than you know.
Eryn Adamson (Morse)

It's Time to Live said...

The Ashcroft family is still here wishing you all well, Melanie and all of the rest of the family.