Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yeah, for chicken soup!!

Last night proved to be another challenging night. Melanie's nausea just seems to be really bad at night the couple nights.... My mom actually called her brother Brett last night to come and give Melanie a blessing. Thanks so much Uncle Brett! That was so thoughtful of you. I know Melanie is so thankful as are we.... It gave Mel great comfort for her long night ahead. They decided to up the dosage of her pain medication. They are also upping her Adavan to every 4 hours instead of every 6 hours. This is good for the pain and some of the discomfort, however, it makes her more sleepy. Melanie doesn't really like that, but sometimes she just can't take the pain.... I feel so bad for her. She is amazing! They are going to try ZyprExa tonight. They are going to see if that will help her nausea tonight. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Melanie had one of her good friends Jenn Soto come to visit this morning. She brought Melanie a stuffed frog. So cute and SOFT!!! She was sleeping with it when I got to the hospital today. :) She also brought Kaden a gumball machine.

Thank you Jenn! :)

Kaden is down here for the weekend. That always makes Melanie's day to be able to give him a big hug. I love this picture. :)

This is mom's lovely kitchen that she has created for herself and all of us when we are here. Pretty big.... huh? haha

Melanie also had another visitor, Kerren & Bruce Coburn. Kerren is a colleague of Melanie's and a dear friend. She brought Melanie a couple gifts and also some valentines from her students.

This is a great picture!! I love all the smiles.. :)

Melanie decided she was going to try some chicken noodle soup this evening. She did pretty darn good. That is the 1st thing she has actually eaten in days. She is pretty sick of that too. She figured she has been getting acid reflux or something, so she decided that her stomach acid didn't have anything to do. she was hoping that this might help. She didn't actually get sick til much later..... so maybe her theory worked for awhile. Great job Melanie! Eating is still so painful for her, so this was huge!

This is tile that is in a sitting area outside Melanie's room. It seems pretty fitting and reminds us all just how courageous Melanie is. She is definitely saddled up and hanging on as best she can! She continues to amaze me every day! Her strength is an inspiration. She continues to fight even when she feels so sick and is tired of it all. All of your thoughts and prayers are such a comfort to her. Keep them coming. Thanks so much to you all!

Keep up the good fight Melanie! You are amazing!! I hope that you can have some relief tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a better day! Sweet dreams! I love you!


Sherrie said...

Melanie, I think you would be amazed with all the prayers offered for you in our ward. The ones we hear in our public meetings, as well as individuals and families, and I'm sure the leaders pray for you in their meetings regularly too. We are keenly aware of what you're going through, and wish we could do more to help. Hang in there, and know that many people care.

It's nice to follow your progress on this blog, so thanks to your family for posting.

Karen Luthi said...

Melanie, my co-worker, Rita Allen was telling another teacher a of a Kindergarten teacher, Melanie, was was battling cancer from our district, I was shocked, I said Melanie Balls, she said Pam gave her the website address to you blog. I came home today and have been reading a sobbing. I took have had cancer and your struggles are very near to my heart. I cried as I read your about you hardships and struggles as you've fought hard to live and do it with a smile. The red velvet cupcake entry made me laugh, I still have the recipe you gacve me at Nibley during Migrant summer school. Keep up the fight and I will be praying for you as well.Sincerely, Karen Luthi

Karen Luthi said...

oops as a teacher I should have proofread my comment. Sorry about all the mistakes, my hands weren't working too well lol... I love excuses don't you. Hang in there, Karen Luthi