Thursday, February 11, 2010

Walking Around on Day 5

Today was a little better for Melanie. Her throat and mouth continue to be very painful, but her feet and hands were feeling pretty good. They are more itchy now! She is still pretty nauseous, which doesn't help with the sore throat situation. She started getting some sores under tongue. They don't push her to eat right now, because it is so painful and she has the "moo juice". The mucositis is suppose to last until her counts start going back up. Hopefully that will be soon, but most likely in about a week.

They made a special accommodation today and let Austin come up with me for a quick visit (he was a healthy little boy). I was bringing Kim back and grabbing my mom. They switch off, so they each get a good night of sleep at least every other night.

Grandpa Perkes came to visit Melanie today. It was an emotional visit for both of them. Melanie was trying not to cry, because it hurts to do so. It just wasn't possible to hold it in at times. I know the visit was good for Melanie. She wasn't able to attend grandma's funeral, so this was kind of her closure and reality moment.

She even got up to walk grandpa out. This is the first time she has been up walking since her transplant. It was a monumental moment.

It felt like running a mile to her, but she made the loop! There were many tears as he left. Thank you grandpa for giving her the extra drive to get up. We love you!

Melanie received a package from Jim and Jara Vail. It was a Far Sides book, and another inspirational book. She also got a DSi game from Makiah and Jana Coburn. Melanie is having a great time with the DSi! Melanie's great aunt Ronda and her daughter Paula also sent her a Valentine's card. There are so many nice, thoughtful people out there. Thank you!

Today is day 5 after transplant. Engraftment usually takes 14-28 days. We are praying for the 14!!


Darlene said...

Hang in there, Melanie,

I'm watching you and am going to see you face 2 face soon. I promise, I promise, I promise!


Jana said...

Glad you liked the game.. Always on our minds~