Monday, February 1, 2010

Radiation- Day 5

I just got off the phone with my mom and she gave me the run down of the day. Mel had her full body radiation this morning. She made it through without getting sick, thank goodness! She got her brain boost in the early afternoon. My mom said that Mel has been doing lots of sleeping. The radiation makes her tired and so does the Adavan. She hasn't had much of an appetite because nothing tastes good to her. My mom compared it to having morning sickness all day long...not fun. Mel got a package today from her ward Relief Society, they sent her some Valentines Day decor for her room and some treats. Thank you!

Tomorrow is the last day of this yucky are almost there are doing awesome!! I love you and miss you bunches!


kandksmith said...

My name is Kristie Smith, my daughter, Kaylee Smith had Miss Melanie last year and absolutely loved her! It has been so nice to follow her progress with this blog, thank you. We are so sorry for Miss Melanie and pray this will all be over soon! You are such an amazing, strong, and wonderful person, Miss Melanie, hang in there! I am also wondering where I can send a package, Kaylee has some pictures and stuff she has made. Thank You,

Kimbies said...

I am so glad today is the last day of radiation for you. I know it has not been fun at all. Keep up your strength dear sister. You are amazing!! I can't wait to see you on Monday. I hate being so far away! :) I love you!

Vic Sorensen said...

Mel, We are thinking of you and pray for you and your family. I know how strong you are. Love, Vic