Thursday, February 18, 2010

3 and a half days are better than none.....

Well, Melanie has been doing so much better with her nausea. She hadn't thrown up for 3 and a half days..........hadn't being the key word. She got sick tonight.... bummer. she had to have a colonoscopy today. So we think it was from the medicine that they gave her for that. she has been having some bleeding that she was worried about. So they decided to do the colonosocpy today. They did not find anything unusual which was great news. It looks like it is just because her platelets are still low. So once they start going up, the bleeding should stop. Great news...

Melanie continues to eat what she can. Chicken noodle soup seems to be the best for her. And popsicles. :) Her throat is still really sore. Her feet are also becoming an issue again. She was up most of the night with pain. They upped her pain meds again today and upped her Gavatril. Gavatril is what they are hoping will help with her poor feet. They aren't burning like they were. Mel says it is like she hiked 5 miles in really bad shoes. Yikes!!! Hopefully that Gavatril will kick in and she can get some relief and some sleep tonight. Despite her foot pain, she continues to get up and walk at least twice a day. She is amazing! Great work Mel!

Taking a shower has proved to be pretty rough on her feet. The water makes them hurt. She says it is like they are cold from like being outside and then coming in and putting them in hot water. ouch! So below are a couple pictures of what she tried to relieve some of that pain. So she has chemo gloves (which are a bit bigger and longer) on her feet. And then she put hospital socks over that. It was a great idea. However, water did get in and fill up the gloves! So, one of the nurses had a good idea. They have these mesh things that keep gauze in place that you slide over your arm or leg. So we will cut one of those and see if that will help keep the water out.

Chemo gloves....look ridiculous on your feet! haha

Hospital socks.......much better.

As always, thanks to you all for your thoughts and prayers. Everyone's support is just so overwhelming and so thoughtful. Melanie is so thankful to have so many people love and care about her. So is our whole family.

I leave to go back home to Colorado tomorrow. It is hard to believe it is that time already. I have many feelings about it. It is so hard to be so far away. I am so thankful that I have been able to come out and be here for Melanie and to help my mom and to be with my family. I feel pretty lucky to come from such a great family. I want to thank Joanie as well for taking care of things in Colorado. Hopefully the cats won't be to ticked at me. haha I have been so lucky that my job has been so supportive and has allowed me to be where I have needed to be. I am sad to go but I know that she has so many family members & friends around her. she also has some great nurses and doctors. It is always hard to leave, but I know I will be back again sometime next month. I love you so much Melanie. I am just inspired everyday by your strength and perseverance. And you keep that wonderful smile throughout it all! You are amazing and I am so very proud of you! I love you. Sweet dreams.

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Cami said...

Great post Kim and clever title. :)

We are going to miss having you here too. We love you sooo much! You have been a huge strength to Mel and mom.

The picture of the purple gloves on Mel's feet is hilarious! What a blessing to find bits of humor in all of this. :)

I love you Mel!!!!