Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chemo Day 1

I was able to go and spend some time with Melanie and my mom today. Melanie was still feeling nauseous from radiation! She said she was just sick of the constant nausea. Hopefully that will subside soon. She has to basically force herself to eat anything. Nothing sounds good and thought of eating created more nausea. However, if her calorie intake does not come up, they will put her back on the "moo juice".

I made sure to take some pictures!

Melanie's Relief Society has been doing the 14 days of Valentine's. Every day, Melanie gets a bag (Monica's sister-in-law works in the hospital) full of different things. The heart wreath in the background is one. She has gotten gum, chapstick, peanut butter, oatmeal, etc. There is also a card made by a Primary child in it as well. It is such a fun thing for Melanie to look forward to each day!

Whenever Melanie gets any medication, they have to scan her ID bracelet. She is getting good at just wiping that arm over for a quick scan. Of course this is how they make that lovely 28 page itemized bill. Her nurse Kyle said that on her Mt. Everest climb she is taking, the nurses are her Sherpas. I thought Kyle looked a bit too tall to be a Sherpa!

Today was day 1 of her two day chemo. The medicine she is getting in Cytoxin. It hangs so nicely! It can reek havoc on your bladder, so she has to have another medicine called Mesna and a lot of fluids. Dr. Ash said that a lot of people who have difficulties with radiation tolerate Cytoxin well. We are hoping for that!

Tammy gave Melanie her Cytoxin today. She is the nurse that told Andy Williams about Melanie. She is really nice and fun to visit with!

Another one of Melanie's nurses is Melanie (nice name)! She is also so much fun and really sweet!

Melanie was able to talk with Grandpa Perkes this evening. It was great for her and I know it brought many tears to her eyes. It is hard for her to know she will not be able to attend Grandma's funeral.

Saturday will be transplant, and Melanie's second birthday!


Miss Nelson said...

Hang in there Mel! I Love the pictures. One thing I have learned from you during this journey you've had to take is that attitude is everything. You are such an example of faith and having a positive outlook on things. I've been trying to schedule a temple session this past week. I wasn't sure when it would work out with my schedule. Then I thought it would be a great idea to go Saturday morning to send some extra prayers your way on the day of your transplant. I'll be there, and I'll be thinking of you!!

Eva said...

Howdy Mel! I'm so excited that your transplant day is so close. Good luck tomorrow with your rabbit blood. I hope there are no side effects for you. I love having your blog to keep up on your progress. The pictures make it all seem more real to me. I think that I'm still in denial about your sickness and about your Grandma Perkes's death. Reality hits me at odd times, then the tears flow. I hope that we can figure out a way for you to see the funeral. I wish that you could be there. Just remember grandma the way she was. It will be hard not having her in our lives, but she will still be near. I'm going to come to visit sometime. I have had another sinus infection and need to get over it before I dare come. Hang in there and remember that you are always in our prayers. Love You!