Monday, February 15, 2010

A good day

It was another good day. Mel was able to keep food down, although when I left her this evening to head back to Logan, she was starting to get nauseous. Her mouth and throat are still hurting. Thank goodness for the genius who invented pain medication...what a blessing!

Mel had a visit from our cousin Toni today. It was a so nice for Mel to see her! Thanks Toni! We will post of picture tomorrow, it is on Mel's camera at the moment. :)

Mel's room is really colorful and fun right now thanks to the cards and gifts that so many of you have sent. A HUGE thank you to all of you for your will never know how much it brightens Mel's day.

Mel was able to visit with her nephews Ethan and Eli Bodrero tonight. They were happy to see her finally and see what her room looks like and get a peek at her central line.

As always, Mel had treats for them. She always gives her nieces and nephews treats and gifts, one of the many reason they love Aunt Mel.

Everyday seems to be getting a little easier for now. We are all taking it a day, sometimes an hour at a time.

We love you Mel!!

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