Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 1

The first time I saw Mel today, we walked in the room and she was sitting up writing. It was quite different than how she looked when we left her yesterday. She had a good nights sleep and we were all so excited!! It has been a long time coming. She told Kim that she is her good luck charm because the night that she comes, Mel doesn't throw up.

Kaden and Mel were able to spend some snuggle time before we left to go back to Logan. It is a common sight to see Kaden laying in Mel's hospital bed. I love it!

The 14 days of Valentine's Day has been fun for Mel. She got the day 7 gift today.

All of us had to leave Mel behind and we headed back to Logan for our grandma's viewing. Aunt Arlene is staying with Mel over night. She is tons of fun and I know that she will take good care of Mel. A huge thanks to you Lenie!

Melanie's blood count was low today and so she got a transfusion. That usually perks her up a bit. She also got an injection of Kepivance, it causes her hands and feet to hurt which is no fun. The Kepivance is given to prevent mouth sores. Mel says that she doesn't have sores in her mouth, but her throat and mouth are hurting quite a bit due to the radiation and chemo. Hopefully she will be spared of the mouth sores this time around.

Last I heard, Mel wasn't nauseated anymore and her and Lenie were watching "Guys And Dolls"! We are hoping that Mel gets another good night sleep.

Thanks to everyone that joined us in our fast today, I know that Mel feels the strength of all of your prayers.


Balls Fam said...

Happy Birthday Mel! We are so glad your transplant is done. We should be down this weekend. love ya sis!

Tianne said...

I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think you are. You are such a stong person and have taught me many valuable lessons through your journey. My prayers are with you!


Marla said...

Melanie, This has been such a great teaching opportunity for my family and myself. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us who love and care for you. We know of your strength and ask Heavenly Father everyday to continue to bless you in this journey you have come to travel, even though it is rough and hard. You have a wonderful family that agreed to be there every step of the way and it is wonderful to see such a family stick together when times get hard. I hope that I can take the opportunity to learn from you and your family and use the things that I have seen with your parents and siblings and impel it in my live and in my home. Love your guts, dear MEL. Marla