Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ringing The Bell

Happy day, radiation is officially over and done with! Mel had her total body this morning and made it through fine. She had her head boost this afternoon and they ended out waiting for about an hour for a few minutes of radiation. Mel got nauseous while they were waiting, but was able to hold it together.

Melanie got to ring the "celebrate" bell after she was all done today. The silver bell is on the wall and when a patient is done with their radiation treatment, they ring it and everyone applauds. We are all applauding you Mel...you did it!!

Mel slept a lot today she is wiped out!

Tomorrow she will get chemo. This type of chemo is meant to wipe out her immune system to prepare her for transplant. We are getting closer!

In other news, Melanie lost her Grandma Perkes today. They got the news at about 7am. My mom said that they sobbed together. This is what Mel wrote on facebook today:

"I have been told I have angels (family) watching out for me from above. Another angel was added to that list."

We love you Grandma!

Jeannette Perkes

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Monica said...

I'm o sorry about your Grandma. What a blessing to know you will see her again and that she is watching over you! CONGRATULATIONS you made it through radiation!!!! You are one tough cookie. Love ya Monica