Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Pain Goes On

Today was another hard day for Melanie. She continues to have quite a lot of pain in her mouth and throat, her hands, and her feet. Poor girl! It is so hard to see her feeling so terrible. She looks like she spent a day at Bear Lake without any sunscreen. All this discomfort is from the radiation, the chemo, the Kepivance, and the Tacro (medicine for antirejection). Hopefully it will all go away as her new cells start to regenerate and become stronger.

Dr. Ash is one of Melanie's favorite doctors. She is an amazing person, who knows her stuff! She has a great way of explaining things and is very fun to talk to.

Melanie has received a lot of cards from the primary in her ward. She gets a few each day with the 14 days of Valentines. They really help to brighten her room!

The blessed pain meds! Melanie can push this little button every ten minutes, if needed. I asked her exactly how her feet felt, and she said it feels like they are burned. Not sunburned, but burned! OUCH!! No wonder she doesn't want to get up an walk around. She did make it for a shower today, which was a big deal.

Shi-thead is all full right now with lots of fun things! There is the "moo juice", Tacro, blood, sailene, pain meds, and potassium/magnesium. Just to name a few.

Hang in there, Melanie!! We love your pink, swollen little self!


Cami said...

I love how you manage to smile even though you are in such pain. I want to cry I feel so bad. I would've never dreamed that you would be going through this much. You continue to inspire me every single day. I love you soooo very much!

Karen Rawlins said...

Hi Mel,
This is Karen Rawlins A friend of yor mom. I have been following your blog since the beginning. Just know that my prayers are with you and please say Hi to your mom for me. We were in Vistauns together. Hang in there.

Marley said...

Our neighbor got a marrow transplant in November, I heard it can be pretty hard stuff to go through. You have so many people praying for you and are amazingly stronger than I think I could be! Keep up the smiles ♥