Saturday, February 20, 2010

11 Laps = A Marathon

Tonight, Melanie got a special visit from her niece Brooke. Brooke was so excited to see her aunt Melanie! She was looking forward to seeing her room and the hospital as well.

Brooke and I had been to the Olive Garden for dinner. Melanie sent me a text and gave me her and my mom's order. They were excited to eat some yummy food!

Melanie's throat is a bit better, but still quite painful, so eating is not easy. She couldn't get the bread stick down, but she was able to eat a little of the manicotti. Her feet continue to be sore and her hands started up a bit today as well. She is feeling pretty good though! She was in good spirits! The doctors say that her counts should start coming up any day now. The fact that her throat is feeling a little better is also a good sign of positive things going on inside!

Melanie got some more pictures hung up. One of my friends from my neighborhood sent these for her. My mom, Brooke, and I were sitting talking and all of a sudden we hear, "Oh, is he sexy." We look over and she is standing in front of her Tim McGraw wall. Thanks Kimber for the great eye candy!

Melanie also received a new blanket today. There is a patient here (Van Heder), and mom has become friends with his wife (Wendy). One of their nephews (Alex) did an Eagle project and brought some blankets to the patients on this floor. The nursing staff was distributing them for him. Kara (Mel's CNA) thought this blanket looked like it belonged to Melanie, so they brought it in for her. It was donated by the McReaken family.

Brooke got to pick out some gum and candy. A great new tradition for the nieces and nephews that are able to come and spend some time with aunt Melanie!

Melanie went on three walks today, which equalled 11 laps! My moms says this is like a marathon! It hurts her feet, but she keeps it up. She gets to pass by the nurses station on each lap. They are always cheering her on!

It was great to see her more awake and feeling a little better! Melanie is already planning her "Party of Life" celebration in May. It is going to be a great time!!

We love you, Melanie!


Soto family said...

Mel you even LOOK like you're starting to feel better! I'm so thankful to your family for keeping us all updated on your blog. Although I can't be by your side, please know my thought, my prayers, and my love, are always with ya!
Love yer guts!!

Cami said...

I knew it was only a matter of time before Tim graced your walls.:) It looks like you had a great visit with Brooke, I can only imagine all of the questions she had.

I love you Mel and continue to be inspired by your strength and optimism during these trying months. Keep fighting!! All my love!!