Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Today was a good day! At least a better day. Her throat and mouth are still sore, but she was able to keep food down. Our aunt Pam brought my mom and her some dinner. Melanie was able to keep the potatoes and gravy down. Earlier she had more chicken noodle soup (Jewish Penicillin as Dr. Ash calls it). That is a huge accomplishment. That alone is great, but she also made it around the walking circle twice. YEAH, MELANIE!!!!

Kaden was able to visit for a bit today again. He loves to snuggle and rest by his mom.

Besides the wall, Melanie was able to cover her door with cards from the primary from her ward.

She received such great presents and Valentine's decor. Her final present from the Relief Society 14 days of Valentine's was two memory foam pillows with pillow cases. Melanie LOVES pillows!

Mike and Stephanie were able to visit today. It had been awhile since they have been able to make it down. Melanie was glad to see them!

Cami was also able to stop in for a visit.

What a great Valentine's Day with fun visits and wonderful strides in recovery!

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