Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A rough start to the week.

So first off we wanted to thank Suzanne Archibald for staying with Melanie while we went to Grandma Perkes funeral. It was so nice that she was able to do that. We all so appreciate it. We didn't get a picture of her but definitely wanted to thank her. Melanie said she took very good care of her. Her old bishop also came down to see her. Bishop Hallock. She was very appreciative to see him as well.

Happy Birthday Kaden!!! He is now 13, a teenager. Melanie was able to have a party for him when she was out of the hospital last month. Which was nice for her. Cami made him a cake and had a party tonight for him. Thanks Cami. They called here to the hospital when they were ready to sing happy birthday to him. So Melanie and I were able to sing with them on speaker phone. It was hard for her not to be there to celebrate....

Melanie has really had a rough start to the week. She has been very nauseated. Especially today. she has been throwing up a lot more than she has. I guess I am not her charm on that after all dang it! Her skin is red from the radiation as well. It looks like she has a sunburn. I think it kind of feels that way as well. They really struggled today finding something that would help with pain control and nausea. Her feet, hands, & ears are so swollen. It is just really painful. Her throat and mouth are so sore as well. This is from the Keptivance (not sure how to spell). She is now on a pump of phentynol. So she can just push a button when she needs to and not have to wait for the nurse. This also means that she has to have her oxygen monitored. So when she goes to the bathroom, I put it on my finger so that it doesn't just beep non stop til she gets back to it. That is the picture below.

As you can see from the picture above, she is back on TPN or "Moo juice" as Melanie likes to call it. Because her mouth and especially her throat are so sore, it really hurts to eat. So, she does what she can. She tries really hard to at least drink her Boost drink. She will also eat a creamy as well. She did find out that apple sauce is NOT so good. She is still doing her best to do what she can. The nurses were proud of her today for that. As were we. Great job Mel!!

Below you will see some pics of Mel's poor feet, hands, & ears. Not only are the swollen, but they just burn as well. The burning part is from the radiation. We just keep putting ice packs on her feet. That is the only thing that seems to relieve the burning.

These bad boys are a source of much pain right now... It really hurts to walk as well.

Poor swollen hands.

I don't think I have ever seen anyone's ears swollen. Looks painful...

So, first night with the oxygen monitoring.... Jeepers that thing is beeping up a storm. They finally got some oxygen for her.... Thank goodness. I hope that she can get some sleep.....

She is really fighting hard. I know she is just sick of being sick! I can't even imagine. She is trying to stay as positive as she can. Tomorrow is going to be a better day!!! We just know it!!! :)

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. I know that is helping her through this difficult and trying time in her life. We are so thankful for all our family and friends.

I love you Melanie!! I know tomorrow will be a better day! I am so proud of you!!


Les said...

You're constantly in our thoughts and prayers!! You are so amazing and strong!
-Love, Scott & Les

Kerren said...

Bless your precious tender heart, and bless all of your other parts and pieces! Seems like it's time for a break with a bit less pain, stess, and worrisome symptoms. I am just so sorry to hear what you're going through -- but I contimue to be amazed at your strength and courage. I cannot count how many times every day I am asked about your progress or told by someone near and dear that they (and their whole family) are praying for you. I know you sense those prayers -- mine included. We love you dearly! Hope to see you this weekend, if you're up to it. I'll call first. Love you!
P.S. Thanks to Kim and all of you for your thorough reports. You're such a blessing to Mel and each other.

Cami said...

Awesome post Kim!

My heart is aching for you Mel, it is so difficult to see you going through this. I love you! I pry that you will find some relief soon. Hugs!!!