Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Melanie is in what they call Nadir. This is when all of her levels are bottomed out and then things should start going up. (that is my understanding anyway) she actually had 1 neutrafil today. Doctor Ash said not to hang your hat on that because it will most likely not stay. Things could still be up and down for a little bit more....... But we get excited at everything we can these days.

Melanie continues to amaze us all. She is doing so good. She has taken 2 walks today and eaten more chicken soup. Her mouth and throat continue to hurt. However, it seems to be getting a bit better. She is ready for that to subside. She has been pretty tired today. Her blood was down to 21. So they gave her 2 units of blood & platelets this morning. You can always tell when her blood is low. She is pale and just very tired. She is getting more platelets tonight as well. The doctors seem very pleased with her progress. It is still day to day and will be for some time. But she seems to be in an upward swing.
Yeah Mel!!!!!

This was taken yesterday when our cousin Toni came to visit. As you can see, Melanie was a bit tired. :)

Aunt Eva visited today. It was good to see her. Nice smile! :)

Keep up the great work Melanie!! You are doing great!
I love you!

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Soto family said...

Yeah!!! You've made it to the top of the mountain!!! Hopefully you will keep getting better and better every day!!!
Love yer gutz!!!! MUAH!