Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sanity Plea

When I talked with Melanie this afternoon, she was TIRED. She was trying to carry on a conversation, but was just not all there. I could tell she was frustrated! Her counts are still down. They gave her another Neupogen shot to try and get those cells going. If her neutrophils are not up at all tomorrow, they are going to do a bone marrow biopsy, tomorrow or Thursday, to see exactly what is going on with the cells. We are kind of getting mixed signals a little. One doctor is pretty concerned, but others are not as much. They did say it could take up to 4 weeks. Oh, how we hope and pray those cells start grafting and doing glorious things!

Melanie had a fever last night. They have determined that she has bacteria in two of her ports in her central line. I guess this is normal for patients who have no immune system. They are pretty sure it is Grampositive Cocci In Chains. They will test the cultures further to make sure they know how to treat it the best way. They say it can go away on it's own. They changed her antibiotics and added another one to the mix. Hopefully it will go away, because the alternative is to put in a new central line. No fun!!

So basically, Melanie is still waiting and fighting with everything she has. They did tell her she could walk down to the gift shop (with her mask). That will give her a nice little outing. When my mom asked Mel if there was anything else I needed to blog about, she said to just please continue with the prayers, particularly for her sanity.



Karen Luthi said...

I will continue to pray and I WILL add the sanity part, I understand that. I have been thinking since I last posted about her burining. I don't know what she can have with the transplant but I have a product called Burn Free that has saved my bacon many times when it comes to burns. Long story I found out about it from the founders sister. It takes the pain away and soothes within a half an hour. If she can have it, I have a bottle I would gladly send to you ASAP. Anything I could do to help. I saw the fundraiser blog and will be cleaning out my closet so I start a collection as well. My home email is karenluthi@comcast.net and let me know about the burn free. I am in awe of the support, love and concern you have for your sister. Karen Luthi

Kerren said...

Yes! Our prayers continue and you're never far from the very top of my mind! Up there in the same realm is our good news that we have a GREAT-grandbaby on the way. I'm hoping that gives you a smile, Mel.
I did see Karen last night and she mentioned the burn remedy. She said she found it at Smiths -- no where else here in our valley, but maybe that would help. We both shared lots of loving and hopeful feelings for you and your whole family. Blessings to all of you!
Love you!

Miss Nelson said...

I'll keep the prayers coming!

Jullie said...

We pray for you every day in the Paynes' house! You aren't forgotten, but you ARE missed! :)