Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Waiting Game

Today was a pretty good day. Melanie is still kind of hit and miss, when it comes to emotions. She was doing good until anybody would call and ask how she was doing. Then, the tears would come. She is still home sick. She is also feeling nervous for what is coming ahead, and does not like playing this waiting game. Ladee, the transplant coordinator, called and talked with her again today. She had some new dates for us. So here is the plan for now (we are learning that it changes frequently):

January 25th or 26: Melanie will checked back into the hospital for her six days of radiation and 2 days of chemo.

February 4 and 5: These are the days they are harvesting the stem cells from the donor.

February 5 or 6: Melanie's transplant (Sorry Marlene--not the 11th anymore)!

I thought Kaden might like this picture! We may have a DSi addict. Mario Bros. is always a good time! Austin and her were video game buddies today. They played the Wii for a bit as well. What a fun aunt!

This evening, Melanie, Steve, and I played a mean game of Ticket to Ride. Melanie lost due to the fact that she got some countries mixed up. The countries and cities are all in German, so it wasn't really her fault. I'm sure we will be playing it again. Steve didn't want this picture (he was goofing around), but Melanie and I decided he had no choice!

Every night, Melanie has to have her dressing changed on her central line. This is something I was really nervous about at first, but it is super easy!

This is what her central line looks like. The red mark on the top , which is just below her neck, is where it all connects into her body.

It has to be all sterile, when we clean it. The first night Melanie was here, we had the door opened a bit. Chase came to ask me a question, and was a bit startled to see me in a mask, gloves, and a weird thing in my hand. He just walked away, but Mel and I knew he was wondering. Later he asked me, "Mom, what were you doing to Melanie?" The next night, Melanie had him come in and showed him the line and told him all about it. He thought it was cool that she didn't have to be poked every time the doctors need blood or need to give her medicine.

Hopefully tomorrow we can find some more projects or things we can do to keep Melanie's mind off of reality.

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Marley said...

Well it isn't quite as fun as when it was going to be on my birthday but I am just so happy that she is getting the transplant and I am thinking the sooner that happens the better. Hope my attempt at a good joke worked a little :)

Please know you all are in our prayers & thoughts always.

Marlene Mitton