Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Temple Square Adventure

Today was Melanie's final Kepivance injection for this round. She has started to notice some of the side effects. She has been a little more tired and nauseous. She also discovered that it makes your skin sensitive. Her hands and feet are sore, especially when she puts them in warm water. She says her mouth and tongue feel a bit different. She notices her tongue particularly when she drinks. If it helps her to not have a mouth and throat that looks like hamburger (as the nurse describes it), then any side effect is worth it.

Since she is checking in to the hospital for a while, I let my kids miss school and we all went to Salt Lake for some adventures. I waited in the car with all the kids, while Melanie received her injection. She wasn't very long. Our first stop after that was going to get a tour of the Beehive House. This is the house of Brigham Young.

It was neat to see all of the beautiful furniture. Melanie and I were in awe at the gorgeous pianos that seemed to be in every room!

There were two really nice sister missionaries that gave us our tour. Melanie was able to take her mask off, since we were the only ones, and the missionaries were healthy. She was grateful for that!

After our tour we headed to the Church Office Building to ride the elevator to the top. We were able to get a great view of Temple Square, and we even had a great view of LDS hospital.

Kaden really wanted his picture taken in front of the temple. It was a bit chilly!

We headed inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for some lunch. We ate at the Nauvoo Cafe. Actually we ordered our food there, but then took it and ate it in the lunch room in the basement. It was too crowded in the cafe for Melanie to take off her mask and eat. One of the receptionist was kind enough to tell us a better place for her to eat. Greg walked across the street from work and joined us for lunch.

We were glad that Greg joined us for a bit. The kids always love to hang out with uncle Greg. Every time we walked below Zions Bank, they would look up and wave.

Melanie and Kaden had not seen the Joseph Smith movie yet, so that was our final activity. There were only about 10 other people in the large theater besides us. So, once again, Melanie was able to enjoy the movie mask free!

Being the great aunt that Melanie is, she gave Chase, Brooke, and Austin a Valentine bag tonight. They were super excited, but also sad that she would be leaving our home tomorrow morning. They have had a lot of fun together!

Kaden made it back to Cache Valley and mother made it here. Melanie is really nervous for radiation tomorrow, and is not looking forward to the long hospital stay. One of the students she had last, Braydon Shiess, and his family sent my mom with a new DSi for Melanie. She was so excited. She will be able to really enjoy it, and the Brain Age game, over these next several weeks. Thank you! That was so thoughtful!

10 more days until transplant.


Miss Nelson said...

What a fun day!! I'm praying for you as you have your radiation today! In fact, I think you have an awful lot of people praying for you! We love you, Mel!

Kimbies said...

Good luck today. I know you are nervous. I would be too. Just know that there are so many people praying for you. You are strong, just keep remembering that! :) I love you and can't wait to see you ina couple weeks. Please hang in there. You are always on my mind. It is hard being so far away, especially at this time. I love you dear sister! Joanie sends her love as well. :)

Balls Fam said...

Good luck Mel! We are praying for you as well. Hope all goes well sis. We will see you soon.

Marley said...

It probably isn't gonna be too easy these next few weeks but I know you have the strength to make it and everyone is praying for you :)

Never Give up Hope!
Marlene Mitton