Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Still a Go

Melanie heard from Ladee today, and everything is fine with the donor blood. We are still a go for the laid out plan. She will check back into the hospital next Thursday. She will have 6 days of radiation, two days of chemo, a day of rest, and then her transplant will be on February 6th. Melanie is so ready to just get it done! She continues to be in good spirits. We have been having a fun time here. We tend to stay up late watching a movie, so I have been bad at updating. We have now finished the Harry Potter series, and we are watching the last Lord of The Rings tonight. I just couldn't believe she had never seen these great series! Next I think we will move onto Mission Impossible. Melanie will head back up to Logan on Thursday for the weekend. I know she is looking forward to having an early birthday party for Kaden (she will be in the hospital on his birthday). Kaden stopped by last night on his way home from the baseball camp he attended. He had a wonderful time, and Melanie was so appreciative of the opportunity!

Melanie has a great project planned for tomorrow. I will be sure to take some pictures! I don't know how to speak "Elvish", or I would leave a parting word. Thank you all for your continuing prayers. I know Melanie can feel their power!


Kerren said...

Thanks for the update, Angie! Glad to hear all the good news. I have to think that all of us who have sisters -- or daughters -- have a touch of envy when we think about the chance you and your family have to spend quality & precious time with Melanie. To offer this kind of support is simply amazing! Great news about an upcoming trip to Logan . . . watch for some "drop-off" items! Hooray!

Amy Johnson said...

I can't believe she has never seen the Lord of the Rings! That's crazy!! :)