Monday, January 11, 2010

Mel's Taste Of Home

It was nice to have Melanie home for a couple of days. I loved to walk into my parents house and know that she was there. I know she soaked up every minute of the time spent with Kaden. She even let him sleep in her bed last night. I'm sure that his knee in her back never felt so good. Everything was kept pretty low key, no wild parties or late night pinochle games. Mike and Steph were both sick which was a bummer. Mel had a visit from a good friend and running buddy Anna who will be moving to CO in a couple of months. What a treat for Mel to see her before she leaves!

Today Mel and I spent some time talking, she expressed a lot of her fears for the months ahead. She is scared...who wouldn't be in this situation? The thought of being in the hospital for possibly eight weeks after the transplant is overwhelming. She was so ready to be out of there after the five week stay last time. Her biggest struggle right now is the thought of being away from Kaden for so long. It has also been hard for her to not be here to support him in his sports endeavors...if you know Mel, she was always there at his games cheering him on. She is trying to mentally prepare herself for what is to come, you know, climbing Mt. Everest. I can't begin to imagine what must be going on within her...I'm sure it is a mighty struggle of not letting her thoughts of the worst overcome her. The next hurdle to get over is the week of radiation which is a new thing for Mel. She meets with the radiologist tomorrow and we are hoping that it will be a comforting thing to learn more about the process. Please continue to pray for her as we enter this new phase of treatment.

Mel and her dear friend Anna.

Sunday dinner with Kaden and some nephews.

Mel has a hard time staying warm and could often be found hanging out by the heater vents.

Mel and our mom left for Salt Lake tonight and will report to the hospital in the morning for tests and some meetings. She will be having a bone marrow biopsy and they are going to put her out this time...thank goodness, the last one was very painful. We are hoping that all goes well!

We will miss your smiles here Mel! Keep fighting and we'll see you soon.


Kimbies said...

I am so glad you were able to go home for a couple days. I am sure it was nice to be with Kaden and just be home. I hope that everything goes well today. I am sooooo glad they will put you out for this bone marrow biopsy. The last one was just too much! I know how I felt and I was not the one going through it! Keep hanging in there sister of mine. I think of you a lot during every day. I wish I were closer. It is hard being so far away. Just know I love you so much. I admire so much your strength and courage. I will talk to you later okay. I love you!

Les said...

I'm so glad you had such an awesome trip home!!