Monday, January 25, 2010

Not 1, but 8 Tattoos

Yes, Melanie received 8 of her very own tattoos today! Four on her chest and four on her back. They are actually just little dots to mark where her lung shield needs to be placed for radiation. They are tattoos and permanent, unless she has them removed by a dermatologist. The radiology nurse said a dermatologist could remove them like a mole, but the scar may be bigger than the tattoo. It just looks like a tiny mole. She said her tattoo experience was just a little prick with a needle.

As you can see, we headed to the hospital today for Melanie to get some items of business taken care of before she is admitted on Thursday. Besides having her lung shields made, she also had a face guard made. They will use this to protect her face, when they do the extra brain boost. This is something she is still extra nervous about. I guess she was laying there and the nurse said she was going to do the face mold now. Melanie was closing her eyes and relaxing, when all of a sudden her face was covered with the molding material. She could only breathe through her nose. Melanie suffers from claustrophobia, so it was hard not to scream or tear it off her face. She did some great breathing techniques and made it though! I really wish I could have been there with the camera.

Melanie also had number one of three IV's she will be receiving before Thursday. Today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, we have to go to the clinic for her to receive a drug called Kepivance. It is given through her central line and costs $6,000.00 a pop! Seriously! Is it made of gold? Anyway, it will increase the mucous lining in her mouth and throat. They do this so that hopefully she will not develop mouth sores during her next round of chemo. It will make her feel like her mouth, throat, and tongue are extra thick, but if it works, that is great!

Kaden is staying down here until Wednesday night. Melanie wanted to spend as much time with him as she could before Thursday. They are watching a movie together right now, so I am on blog duty. We knew that today would be a long hospital day. She was about 2 hours at LDS, and then she had a 45 min. appointment with another doctor in Sugarhouse. Kaden would have been extra bored, so I actually took him and Austin to the Church History Museum, while Melanie was getting the IV and radiology work up. We had a great time.

I had to include this picture for our Cache Valley followers. It is some of the oxen and a baptismal font staircase from the Logan Temple. We were able to see a lot of neat things, and learn a great deal about the history of our Church and Prophets. It really helped fill the time as well! After we were done, we picked Melanie up and headed to her next appointment. This time, we just waited in the waiting room. Kaden and Austin were very patient!

It has been so much fun for our family to have Melanie here with us. We have loved every minute of it! Living down here the past 5 years, we haven't spent so much time with her! She says we are going to be sick of her by the time May rolls around. NO WAY! We love having fun, cousin Kaden to play with for these next few days as well!

Today is day 12 on the countDOWN to transplant!

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