Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Special Gift

Today was a better day. Melanie still gets teary from time to time, but she has a lot she is processing in her mind. Each day seems to get a bit better. My mom and Cami are coming down tomorrow, so I know that will bring big smiles. Melanie had some fun visitors today and a very special gift.

First off, Grandma and Grandpa Perkes stopped by on their way to St. George. They always bring a fun spirit whenever they are around. We are particularly glad that Grandpa is alright. He was in a car accident earlier this week. It was the accident on the news that was blocking I-15 at 600 N. in Salt Lake. He walked away without even a scratch...miracle and blessing!

Tonight, aunt Eva, cousin Jennifer (with two of her children not pictured), and cousin Julie and her daughter Tyler (who is Kaden's age) came to see Mel. It was fun to visit with them. Jennifer's little boy was so funny when they first got here. He just kept staring at Melanie. Even as we were explaining to him why she was bald, he had this blank stare. We were all laughing so hard!

First off, they are both laughing in this picture, because they went to put their heads together and banged into each other a bit harder than intended. Our cousin Jennifer is a very talented artist. She drew this amazing picture for Melanie that brought tears to all of our eyes. Thank you so much Jennifer, Melanie will cherish it forever! She used a picture that Cami had posted on the blog awhile back. It was of Melanie laying in the hospital bed holding her rock.

WOW!! What a special gift!


Alean said...

That picture is amazing!!!! What a thoughtful gift! I'm so glad you had a better day.


Ariane said...

Is Melanie still in PG? Can I come visit her?? If so, how do I get ahold of her?

Cami said...

The picture turned out awesome! Jen is so thoughtful. I am looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

Jana said...

That picture is amazing. I hope your day get better. Know that you are never out of my prayers~

jen said...

Glad you are doing better!

Camille said...

I hate to repeat what everone else has said, but WOW. What a great picture. I hope you are doing OK. I can't imagine you ever being down. I saw Kaden walking down the street the other day. I think he was with Tyler Hansen.

Amy Johnson said...

Love that picture! Mel, we are all thinking about you and hope you are doing better! Love ya!