Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Full Day

Melanie had to be at LDS hospital this morning to get some pre-transplant testing. Since it was early, her and my mom stayed at Greg's last night. She had blood draws, testing for her lungs, testing for her heart, and another bone marrow biopsy. She was planning on being sedated for the biopsy, but it didn't end out that way. One person told her she could eat 4 hours before the procedure, but nothing after that. Well, it is actually 6 hours. So, she could either wait or just do it without sedation. She chose to be a rock star! The lady who did it was super sensitive to Melanie's concerns. She went really slow, and made sure there was plenty of Lidocaine along the way. I know it was not a joy, but Melanie said it wasn't too bad. They are checking to see if this last round of chemo was able to put her in remission at a molecular level. Hopefully it did, because that would be ideal going into transplant.

Melanie was also able to talk with the radiologist today about some of her concerns. They were suppose to make the molds for the shields that protect her lungs during her radiation treatments, but the equipment was down today. Melanie is most concerned about the extra amount of radiation they focus on her head. Since she did have some leukemia cells in her spinal fluid, they do this to try and stop any cells from coming back in the future in her central nervous system. The boost of radiation to the head is controversial, and has some possible side effects. They do make a shield to cover her face, so Melanie was glad for that.

After they were done at the hospital (they were there from 9:00 until 3:45), Melanie and my mom went to Chili's for some food. Her first big outing! Melanie was starving, since she couldn't eat all day. The waiter they had was very good. He sent her utensils through the wash an extra time and made sure her chicken was well done. They also tried to seat them away from anyone. A couple of booths next to them filled up, but Melanie just politely asked if any of them were sick. I met them at Chili's to take Melanie back to Pleasant Grove with me. After a tearful good-bye, my mom and Melanie headed in different directions.

Melanie could have gone back home this weekend again, but since Kaden was going to be gone for several days at a baseball camp, she decided to just come and stay here. She was in good spirits tonight! She watched Harry Potter #4 with Chase, Brooke, and Austin. We are getting her all caught up on the series! Hopefully we will have some fun adventures to post about this week. The next big scheduled date is next Thursday, January 21st. We have another family meeting with the various doctors to really get into the details of the radiation and transplant. Until then, we will enjoy the time here at base camp.

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The Murdocks said...

Melanie, you are so amazing and strong! We are praying for you and hope that you have a good time outside of the hospital. Good luck with the radiation! Love, Meg Murdock and Family