Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Magic Number Is....


This number represents the amount of money Melanie's hospital bill was for the 38 days she spent there. The itemized bill was 28 pages, front and back! We were given a heads up by a neighboring patient, but it was stunning to actually see the bill. Granted this is before insurance, which luckily Melanie has. Hopefully they will cover 80%, but that stills leaves a big chunk, and she has a long hospital stay and transplant ahead. Kind of daunting!

There have been several donations made to Melanie's account, and given to her personally. A huge THANK YOU to everyone! We don't always know who the donations are from, but please know that Melanie appreciates it more than you know. Her wonderful school, Providence Elementary, raised $2600 last month. She works with some amazing people in a wonderful community! Cami is going to be organizing (with some help) a garage and bake sale in Cache Valley next month, so we hope to earn more money to help out. We will give more details on that as we get them.

Sorry I am not blogging every night. There really is not always much going on. We are going out when it is safe, playing games, watching movies, and just hanging out. Chase, Brooke, and Austin are having fun with Melanie here. It is great to get to spend so much time with her. Friday, Kaden stopped by on his way to a baseball camp he is attending in Mesquite. My brain was not working at the moment, and I forgot to take a picture. They are going to stop again on their way home Monday. Melanie was excited to see him. They were both super excited for the chance he had to go. A business in Providence sponsored Kaden's trip, with the help of the Triplett family. It is a great opportunity for Kaden and Melanie is grateful!

Live long and prosper, Melanie (we watched Star Trek tonight)!


Brynne said...

WOW!!! I was hoping that was some magic number of her neutroph... (big medical word I don't remember) count-bummer that's a bill :( Just worry about healing now, there will be time to worry about finances later (and time for others to chip in with more fund-raisers). We are so glad things are going well. We read every update, but don't always post comments. Just wanted to let you know we appreciate being able to know what's going on and how Melanie is doing, it is especially good for the kids!

Amy Johnson said...

Ugh! I hate money!!! I can't even comprehend how stressfull that must be on top of everything else that is going on! I agree with Brynne....dpn't even think about the bills right now! It's not even important in the grand scheme of things! Let me know if I can do anything to help with the fundraisers!