Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kaden's Day

I am back in good old Pleasant Grove. The weekend home was great! Saturday was a very busy and fun day. Our day began by going to Kaden's basketball game. I wore my mask and gloves and sat on the stage away from everyone else. I took my mask off until the gym started filling up with kids ready to take the floor when Kaden's game finished, at which point I decided germs were rampant. Kaden played well, just not as aggressive as I am used to seeing. His team won; something like 38 to 34.

Kaden and Daniel waiting to enter the game again.
We didn't take our picture until we were home.

Since I will be in the hospital on Kaden's birthday, we had a celebration Saturday from 4:00 on. Kaden wanted to eat at Cafe Sabor. I made reservations for 12 and called to remind them that we had to have a place away from people. They did pretty well at secluding us. The food wasn't as good as I remember, but we had a lot of fun.

Kaden even got sung to in Spanish (I guess?). Our server brought out 3 fried ice cream desserts for us to share. They were tasty.

My neice Taylie and I waiting to leave.

My sister Cami, nephew Tate, and me at dinner.

Me and my neice Lindsey enjoying time at home.

Kaden getting sung to in English. Good old Happy Birthday.

Angie and I went shopping to get Kaden's birthday gifts. We bought this shirt at Fanzz. We thought it was a medium, but it was an XL. We will be going to exchange it. Whoops!

Kaden's cousins adore him. I love how they flock around him.

I will be in the hospital on Valentine's Day so I gave my neices and nephews their treats. The deal was that they had to have their picture with me to get their bag. The bribe worked! Tate, Eli, Taylie, Ethan, and Lindsey all snuggled up.

Me and my grandma Lamb. She joined us for Kaden's festivities.

Saturday was a great day! Sunday was low key. I did get a wonderful visit from my great-aunt Portia. We failed to get a picture! I also had a great visit from my cousin Scott and his wife Leslie. We remembered to get a picture!

I wish I could have seen everyone I know while I was up in Cache Valley. I guess I will soon enough. May isn't too far away.?.?. I am just planning on best case scenario!
I now must go play Ticket to Ride. Stephen's patience is gone! He can't wait anymore.
Love you all!


Balls Fam said...

It was great having you home for a few days! We miss you already. Good Luck with the coming weeks and know that you are in our prayers. Be Strong. Love you tons

Hissyfits & Halos said...

Looks like a great Birthday!!! I stopped by from Craftaholics Anonymous to say Howdy, and give a little support! New follower! :)


Heidi Hartley said...

How fun to hear straight from you Melanie! Your positiveness (ya that's not a word is it) inspires me. I think of you often to keep perspective when I'm grumbling about my silly daily frustrations. So, thanks for your example. Abby came home just bursting to tell me that she got to see Miss Melanie! That was so sweet of you to visit. I hope everything in your next phase goes very smoothly. I will be praying.

Amy Johnson said...

Rule #1...NEVER make people wait for Ticket to Ride (TTR as we call it!). We play almost every night and love that game!! :) Hope all goes well for you! Love ya!