Friday, January 8, 2010

Information Overload

I'm giving Angie a break and posting today. I rode down with our mom to Salt Lake for a family meeting with Dr. Ash and Ladee (Mel's transplant coordinator). Our dad and Kaden also drove down for the meeting. Mel was sooo excited to see Kaden again. It was good to see Mel and to give her a hug, I have sure missed her. Before the meeting, Mel had her blood levels checked and we are happy to report that they are holding steady. Her neutrophils are good so her body has some germ fighting power. Her red blood cells were a bit low and she has been feeling weak and tired...I think she will feel like that a lot for the next while.

The purpose of the family meeting was to explain what the process of the transplant will be and what we can expect. It was an information overload for all of us. Dr. Ash compared the next phase of Mel's treatment to climbing Mt. Everest! There are so many unknowns and the complications and outcome are different for everyone. One thing is for sure! Melanie is in good hands. We have all been so impressed with the level of care that she has received so far. Her doctors are super smart and have plenty of experience in treating her type of leukemia. As a family, we believe in the power of prayer and miracles!

After the meeting, Mel and Kaden bid a tearful goodbye...this has been one of the most difficult thing about Mel being sick, her and Kaden have never been apart this much. I know that it did them good to see each other even for a short time.

My mom and I will be staying here through Sunday and we will keep everyone updated and take lots of pictures. Speaking of pictures, here are some from today...

Cami, Mel, and Angie waiting endlessly for the doctors and blood results.

Mom, Dad, and Kaden waiting endlessly for the you see a trend here?

This is Ladee, Mel's fabulous transplant coordinator.

Just before saying goodbye.

On we go, we're ready for the climb!

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Amy Johnson said...

Good Luck with the "climb"! I can't believe how big Kaden is getting! What a handsome little man!