Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kepivance #2

Today was another quick drive into Salt Lake for some more Kepivance. We were only at the hospital for about 30 min. Kaden wasn't so excited about the quick trip, but he endured.

The dosage amount is quite small. Surprisingly high cost for such a small thing. Melanie says she can start feeling some of the effect. Mostly she says her gums feel weird and the roof of her mouth. We'll see how things feel in the next few days.

The nurse who pushed the medicine today is Jared. He was Melanie's nurse when she was in before. She really liked him. He works in the clinic most of the time, so she didn't get to have him upstairs much. I guess one day he sat in her room and talked to her a lot about transplant. It was really comforting for Melanie!

Melanie and I are often "geeks" at night. This is how we sit, and Steve always teases us. Melanie is still in high spirits. She has mentioned a few times that she gets more nervous the closer it gets to Thursday. Kaden will go back up to Logan tomorrow evening (a big thanks to Robert, my brother-in-law, for taking him back), so I know it will be a tough evening for Melanie. My mom will be coming down tomorrow night, for the Thursday admit and beyond. I know she brings such a comfort to Melanie when she is around. We have a fun day planned tomorrow! We head for the last Kepivance (for now), and then we are going to spend some time in Salt Lake. We will be sure to take a lot of pictures!


Alean said...

I'm thinking of you as Thursday approaches. I think you should have a massuesse come to Angie's house and give you a massage before you go back in. I hope you have a great day with Kaden tomorrow!

Kerren said...

Alean knows how to handle difficult things -- the massage might be just the ticket! It would just make me laugh -- giggle, in fact, but I know it's good therapy. Thanks for the update and help with letting us know what's happening. You're never out of my thoughts and prayers. Kaden too!