Sunday, January 3, 2010

Patent Pending

Today was a pretty good day. Melanie was still a little nauseous, but not quite as bad. She is pretty tired as well. She takes so many pills that have a side effect of drowsiness. I told her they need to make something to counter the drowsiness. She gets a bit of exercise every day now, because our guest room is downstairs. That is good for her though, right?

My mom, dad, and Kaden headed back up to Logan today. I know it was really hard for my mom to leave! She trained me well, and I am becoming an expert at cleaning Mel's central line, making sure she takes her medicine, and eats. I just need to work on my back massages. I know Mel will miss my mom!

Melanie was able to get a patch today that will hopefully help with her motion sickness. We will see how well it works on our drive to the hospital tomorrow morning to get her blood levels checked. It also has a side effect of drowsiness!

Melanie came up with a new method of removing the loose, small hairs still falling out of her head. It was very creative! My kids really got a kick out of it. I took some pictures of her demonstrating the novel (patent pending) idea.


STEP #1: Carefully cut a nice piece of Duct Tape. We only had the boring grey, but any color would be fabulous.

STEP #2: Place the tape on the desired portion of your head. The spot with the most hair is what we were aiming for here.

STEP #3: Grab a corner of the tape and gently pull. Melanie informs me that this does not hurt. I'm sure it would not feel good for anyone else to do!

STEP #4: Enjoy the nice, new bald spot!

It beats picking them out one by one!!!


Cami said...

That is so funny Mel! It was nice to see mom today. She has a lot of mixed emotions about leaving you, but she knows that you're in good hands with Angie. I heard about your fun car ride out to Angie's. You getting sick and mom having low blood sugar at the same time made for a disaster! Every day is an adventure huh?

Love to you!!

Kimbies said...

I'm so glad you are out of the hospital for awhile!! I know you are too. I feel so far away! :(
I know you are in good hand though. I love you and think of you every day! :) Hang in there and keep staying strong! I will be out again soon. Joanie send sher best!

Darlene said...

I see you are making light of this whole situation. Duct tape! Who would've 'thunk' it? Keep laughing your way through your break thorough. I am constantly thinking of you!
Love from Washington (on my way to California again).