Friday, April 2, 2010

Signs Of Engraftment!

Mel spent yesterday in a lot of pain. Today was her clinic day and getting there wasn't easy. Mel was hurting pretty bad. It was a relief to finally make it up to the clinic. Mel had her usual blood work. Her white blood cells and neutrophils both went up on their own without the help from the neupogen shot. Her platelets were up to 34,000...the highest they have been post transplant. Melanie also has megakaryocytes in her blood, they are baby platelets...a sure sign of engraftment! This is awesome news!!! The doctor told Mel that the bone marrow looks great and there is no sign of Leukemia cells...SUCH good news! With all of the exciting news, there was some bad news too. Her hematocrit went down sharply and the doctor was concerned about bleeding from her biopsy on Wed. He was most concerned about the possibility of a blood clot. He ordered Mel to lay down and not walk while she waited for a CAT scan. The scan revealed that she did not a a blood clot, but a large hematoma. She had quite a bit of bleeding, but it wasn't active anymore. Her body will have to absorb the hematoma, but in the meantime it is pinching Mel's sciatic nerve and causing excruciating pain. It is going to take time and Mel will start some therapy on Monday to help with the pain. While at the clinic, Mel received two units of blood and some fluids to replenish what she lost yesterday being sick from the pain meds. They wanted to keep Melanie overnight to help manage her pain, but Mel kindly turned them down, can't say that I blame her. She will return to the clinic in the morning to have her hematocrit checked to make sure that she isn't actively bleeding.

It was a long day for my mom and Mel, clinic days usually are. We are so happy to have good news, it made the day more bearable. Mel is looking forward to spending a whole week with Kaden. They have sure missed each other! Enjoy being mom, Mel! We love you!

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Still PRAYING here in Providence!