Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nightmare Comes True

During Melanie's previous hospital stays, she has always had one concern. She was so nervous that there would be an earthquake, and she would be on the 8th floor of a crumbling building. Well, tonight her fear came true...kind of. They felt the 4.9 earthquake that originated in Randolph. My mom was sitting in the chair, and Melanie was lying in bed. The building definitely wasn't coming down, and there was not much movement. However, it was enough for Melanie's bed to move a little and startle them both. Something they won't forget!

Melanie is doing a lot better. Today, they turned off all the IV's, except for fluids. She is taking her medications by mouth again. Her pain pump is off, and her TPN (moo juice) is done. If she can prove to Dr. Ash that she can eat (she has not been eating enough calories on her own), and her pain is under control, she could possibly leave tomorrow. Either way, she should be leaving soon!

Melanie went walking twice today. She walked around her room without the walker, and then in the hall. She had her walker in the hall, but used it mostly for stability. The physical therapist really had her focus on standing up straight and tall, and just balancing with the walker and not leaning on it. My mom said she is walking so much better! She was a lot more alert today! She didn't have any pain medication, and was doing pretty good. The medication in the pump made her nauseous again. It was a trade off. She could have pain or nausea. This should improve as the medication leaves her system. Her left foot is still more swollen than her right, but hopefully the swelling will go away soon, especially if she can get up and walk around.

Melanie is so looking forward to being out of the hospital once again!

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Ariane said...

The title of this post scared me too death!!! I'm glad you'll be going home soon, Mel. You're always in my prayers.