Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Personal Spa

Yesterday was yet another day at the clinic. All of Melanie's counts were up again!! Such a blessing! They gave her some platelets, even though they weren't down today. Dr. Hoda wanted to do it as a precaution, because of the hematoma. She also received some fluids. We are so glad that her counts just keep climbing!

Today was a day of just hanging out. My kids and I had to venture to Logan for a dentist appointment, so I don't have a ton of pictures from the day.

This is Melanie's new favorite walk. We just take it slow and easy. I feel bad, because I know it hurts a bit. We call it her daily physical therapy. My mom, Melanie, and Kaden were planning to go do a little shopping, but it didn't happen. Melanie has been in quite a bit of pain today. It is hard to see her walk. She grimaces with every step, and is so shaky. We are so hoping that this will go away soon, and Melanie can feel like herself.

Melanie got a nice pedicure today! Carmen and Todd Sorensen and their children came for a visit. My mom said they stayed for awhile and pampered Melanie. She was at her own personal spa! Carmen gave her a foot massage and painted her toenails. Melanie wanted me to take a picture of her pretty toes!

I loved seeing Kaden helping Melanie tonight. He knew just how to lift her legs on the couch. I know they are enjoying spending some time together.

Melanie is in a lot of pain tonight. She has been crying and hurting for about an hour now. We are trying ice, heat, back rubs, and breathing. Oh, how we all wish the pain would go away. Hang in there, Mel! This is a bump in the road that you will be over soon.

Drugs kicked in! Blessing given (thank you, Steve and Dan)! Rest and relaxation finally come!

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Cami said...

It was nice to talk to you tonight Mel, even though you were pretty drugged up ;) I think you fell asleep during our conversation.

I hope you had a nice visit with Carmen, she's great. Hang in there!

Love you bunches!