Sunday, April 18, 2010

Family Fun

Melanie is still doing really well. Today She headed to the clinic for a check on her blood levels. Everything was up, except for platelets. They have said all along that platelets would be the last to come up. Things are looking great! She is still sore, but not in the extreme pain. She hasn't even been taking any pain medication. She looked 100 times better than the last time I saw her!

We had a little get together at Greg's house to have a triple birthday celebration.

We put up an umbrella, and Melanie even sat outside for a few minutes. She had to go in, because it was a bit breezy. If she is out in a breeze, she has to wear her mask. She would rather sit inside than wear the mask. She bought some great new hats on a little shopping adventure she took yesterday!

Our birthday kids: Greg (April 15th), Brooke (17th), and Grandpa (21st). My mom feels bad that she won't be with my dad on his birthday, but we had a great party tonight.

Melanie is really starting to get some hair! Greg and I had fun grooming it for her.

It is so nice to see her smiling, talking, walking, and just feeling better!


Kimbies said...

Yay Mel!!! :) I am so glad that things are looking up and you are not in so much pain any more. I love you and hope to see you soon. :)

Jana said...

You looked so good! I am thrilled to hear you are having better days!

Les said...

Yay for new hair! :D

rania_ka said...

Melanie i'm so happy for you..
Love Rania from Greece..

Heidi Hartley said...

You look so great Melanie! What a smile! I'm so happy you are on the up again.

Kate said...

Melanie, you look great! I'm so glad you are feeling better.

Love, Kate