Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome Home!

Last night Melanie headed home to Cache Valley! She went home amongst mixed feelings from the doctors. One doctor (Dr. Ash) was all for it. Dr. Peterson is the doctor she met with yesterday, and he was a bit apprehensive. He didn't have any problem with her going up for the fundraiser for an overnighter, but was not on board with longer. At 100 days post transplant (May 17th), they perform a bunch of tests to see if there is any graft vs. host. The doctor really wants her to be close until they know this information. His concern is that complications can come on fast, and Logan Regional is not equipped and experienced enough. Melanie has an appointment on Tuesday, and they are going to try and start the testing process as soon as they can. Melanie is ready to be home! Dr. Ash is all for it, because she thinks it will do great things for Mel's spirits!

All of Melanie's counts were down a little yesterday. It wasn't a drastic difference. The doctor said if we checked our blood they would fluctuate a bit from day to day a well. So, everything is still going well! She won't be able to be at the fundraiser the entire day, but she will pop in. It is going to be such a great event, and she doesn't want to miss out!

I have been trying to coax Melanie into posting on the blog, but it is still too hard and frustrating for her. The Tacro medicine she takes makes her hands shake. She can do quick notes on Facebook, even though that is even difficult. However, it just frustrates her to have to hit the wrong key, backspace, delete, etc. Some day she will get on here.

Welcome Home, Melanie!

See you all on Saturday! Hopefully Mother Nature will be kind!


Miss Nelson said...

Hooray for being home! I'm sure it will help life your spirits, Mel! I think Saturday is going to be quite the event! Everyone in this community sure loves you!

Tanille and Bill said...

Congratultaions on being able to go home!!! I hope that you have a great time there!!!

Heidi Hartley said...

I'm so happy to hear you are home. I think it will be good for you too :) I hope Saturday is great! (I hope we get to see you :)

Kerren said...

Yippeeeee! I think that even the Cache Valley weather is going to have a positive effect on you, Mel!
There just is really "NO PLACE LIKE HOME!" Hope to see you soon!