Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pain Relief

I was able to visit Melanie and mom at the hospital today for a bit. Melanie was pretty tired this morning, and slept a lot of the time I was there. I was there when the PA Irma came to see how she was doing and check her out.

Irma said that Melanie looked really good on paper. She is improving as far as pain goes as well. Melanie's blood pressure has been up, so they are watching that. They think it is due to her pain, so hopefully it will go down soon. Her other counts were all really good. She still has the sinus infection, which makes it hard to breathe. That should be clearing up soon!

Just to show you what Melanie's leg looks like. This bruising goes all the way up on the side! Her feet are still really swollen, as you can see. Irma was worried about a clot in Melanie's calf, because her left ankle is more swollen. They did an ultrasound on it, but I don't think they found anything alarming.

Melanie was able to take a shower today, which is a great sign of improvement. The physical therapist did another ultrasound on her leg to help break up the hematoma. He also got Melanie to walk around a bit. She moved so much better than she did before! Her pain is becoming more bearable. Last week her pain was at a 10. Today she often gave it a 5! YEAH!

This is Yvette, my mom's favorite person. She is the diabetic specialist at the hospital. She has helped my mom as needed. Today, my mom's insulin pump broke! She was so nervous, but Yvette came to the rescue. She ordered a new pump that will be in tomorrow morning. She helped my mom know what to do in the meantime, and gave her piece of mind. What a blessing that she is there and aware of my mother!

Here is to more improvements each day!


Kerren said...

Thanks Angie! Pictures really are worth "thousands" of words --- but the words help so much. I'm glad both Peggy and Mel are getting the care and attention they need. Smiles abound!

Les said...

Oh your poor leg! No wonder you've been in so much pain! We just wanted to let you know that we're thinking about you!