Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nicked Vein

Just a quick update on how Melanie is doing. She is still in a lot of pain. I guess she did not get hardly any sleep last night, because she hurt so bad. They start her pain medication out low and then increase it slowly, so they can find her threshold. They were going to increase it tonight, and also give her something to help her sleep. She is still really out of it as well. My mom was telling me today that during the bone marrow biopsy procedure, they nicked a vein, which is causing the bleeding/bruising, and compressing on some of her nerves. The doctor that did the procedure feels absolutely horrible! We lay no blame. There is always risk with any procedure.

Melanie has received blood and platelets today. Her IV stand is back in use. She is receiving most of her medications through IV. She is also back on TPN (moo juice). This kind of stinks! The doctor said it could take 2-3 weeks for the pain to go away. Hopefully it will at least get into a range they can manage soon!

Thank you for all of your prayers. This is just a little step back, but she will pull through!

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