Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Less Pain, but...?

Today Melanie and my mom met with a pain management doctor. He gave them a prescription for Morphine pills. There were two types, long lasting and short acting. It has helped to relieve the pain, but she is OUT! I mean so drugged up she can't leave her eyes open for more than a second. It is kind of funny to try and have a conversation with her. She even fell asleep while trying to drink from her water bottle. The bottle just sat on her lips. Chase said, "Mom, it's kind of scary what Mel is doing." This wouldn't be too bad, but my mom can't get her to take her medicine or drink as much as she is suppose to. We are going to have to find a happy balance between pain and coherence.

Melanie's labs were good today. Her counts were up again! Her phosphorous is up as well, which is not so good. They are worried about her kidney function. They will be watching this closely over the next little bit. Her red blood was down a little, but not enough for a transfusion.

Melanie and my mom will stay here through the week, until Kaden goes back. They will head back to Greg's after that. Melanie is probably still going to be going to the hospital three times a week. This means mom will have to stay down here for awhile longer. Melanie can't come stay with me and let my mom go home, until her clinics are shorter.

Hopefully we can find a happy middle tomorrow and have more of Melanie with us. She is definitely going to sleep soundly tonight!

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Cami said...

I love the picture! It definitely gives a an idea as to how drugged up Mel is. Her face looks totally relaxed. This bump in the road stinks! We are praying for you Mel and think about you constantly!