Sunday, November 22, 2009


What a long day. Good, but long. I have been so lucky to have Kim be my caregiver for the last two days. Mom needed a break. Kim was wonderful! Se helped with everything: laughed with me, made sure I had music playing all night long, gave me those special pats and rubs on the back or leg, made me eat, and celebrated with me when I didn't throw up for 2 mornings in a row. For now, the Leukemia morning sickness has left - I hope it stays that way.

Cancer cells in my blood are down to 2%. I don't know what is going on in my bone marrow or in my spinal fluid. They will both be checked again later. The main thing keeping me in the hospital is that I have 50 as opposed to 18,000 infection fighting whatever they ares. I don't know what they are called. Bottom line - please do not come visit if you think you are sick in any way!!!

I have had great nurses, great CNAs, a wonderful physical therapist (Andy aka Rocky), and a great team of doctors. Many have asked why I am not at the Huntsman Center. I am guessing it's because of insurance. All I know is that I am in very good hands right where I am.

Please keep Kaden in your prayers. It's always been just the two of us and I can tell he is struggling. Moving out of our apartment and in with grandpa (grandma is down here) is going to be tough. He is buddies with grandpa and I'm sure they will have great fun. It doesn't change the fact that his world has been rocked and is continuing to be rocked big time.

I can't focus anymore! I have to get back to the ReAL vs. Galaxy game. Love you
all!!! - Mel

ESPN has now lost its signal at the hospital so I figured I would add a little more. First of all, if the hair on your legs is growing long, it probably means your armpit hair is too. That was a disgusting surprise. Soon, Angie will bring me an electric shaver so I can shave again. I will never understand why my cousin Jen randomly decided to grow out her leg hair one year.

Most exciting is that my Moo Juice (really called TPN, just looks like a big bag of milk/cream) has been cut in half. YEAH!!! I have had a hard time eating for various reasons and so have had the pleasure of being fed via IV. My goal has been to get off the moo juice. The only way to do so is to eat more calories via the mouth. With a little help from protonix and finding relatively soft things to eat, I am half way there! Did I say YEAH!

Once again, love ya all - Mel


angie said...

Hopefully my cold thing will go away quick (I am using Zicam to keep it minimal), and I will be back to visit you! I am so glad you are having great days! Go ReAL!! Love ya!

Balls Fam said...

Mel you seriously kill me! That armpit hair just struck me really funny for some reason! We miss ya tons and hope you continue to feel better. We will be waiting for an all day marathon of pinochle as soon as your up to it :)

Cami said...

I love this post! You are too funny. It is so awesome to read about another good day. ReAL won!!! Happy day!

Love you so much! :)

Marianne said...

You know the saying...

Either shave it or braid it! ;o)

Erica said...

"Thank you Miss Melanie for teaching me and you are a great teacher. I hope you get better." That is what Isaac wants to say. You are very much missed at Providence Elementary, your kids love you. I'm so sorry you have had to become acquainted with all the hospital jargon like TPN and central lines, hopefully your hospital stay will be very quick and your health will be restored. We will pray for you.
Erica & Isaac Low

Katie said...

Melanie! Our prayers are with you and your cute Kaden! Love your attitude!

Katie and Jackson Stokes

themurphy8 said...

Miss Melanie...just wanted to let you know that Parker prays for you during mealtime prayers & nighttime prayers. He misses you lots. You're an amazing lady. Hang in there!

Heather & Parker

Joel's Family said...

I had no idea. Goodness, I feel horrible. I could have done something. Kesten would like to let you know, he misses you and he hopes you feel better soon. He hopes you get to come back healthy and be happy, and he loves you... That was hard trying to type as he is talking. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and dont worry about the armpit hair. Just braid it and tuck is back no one will know... LOL.... Get better fast. You are one strong woman....
Gena and Kesten Peterson

jen said...

You are an amazing person! We are praying for you each day.

Jenny Painter and Family

Desiree said...

The hair thing-GROSS, want me to get you an electric razor? I hope that ESPN started working again or you missed an AWESOME game. Hope you're having a good day. We pray for you every night. Feel free to check out our blog when your feeling bored, but only if you'll ignore all the mistakes.

Cindy said...

Miss Melanie,
Our family is praying for you and Kaden. I'm so glad your family is close enough to rally around you. We will keep praying for you and missing you until you come back to school.

Cindy and Jaren Glenn

baughcrew said...

Ms. Balls,
We just wanted you to know that Josh, Sara, Mackay, and I are sure thinking of you. You are in our prayers. Just know that there are a lot of "random" people who you have touched throughout this area who are following what is going on with you and concerned with your well being. There are a lot of people, young and old, who love you and are praying for you.

Joshua Baugh's Family

sponkifer said...

I about peed my pants when I read about your armpit hair! I really don't understand why I let my leg hair grow out either. Looking back at it, all I can think is "Man that was gross!" Lets just forget that it happened, shall we!? I hope that you have another good day today!