Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another good day...we'll take it!

Mel started out the day really tired. Her blood levels were low so she received a transfusion today. She said it made her feel tons better and she had some color in her face. I only spent about an hour with her today and she was a lot more alert and talkative then she has been in past visits. She has a new nurse for the next few days, he is her first male nurse and I guess when he changed the dressing on her central line, he gave it a good scrub...I think Mel wanted to give him a good kick, she said it hurt really bad. He is fun though and likes to keep things light hearted, so Mel likes that. Speaking of nurses, Angie told me something funny that a nurse said yesterday. She was putting some chemo in Mel's line and it had a reddish color to it. The nurse said, "now this might make your urine pee", she obviously meant to say "red". They got a good laugh out of that one. Any comic relief is welcome. Kim stayed with Melanie overnight last night and will again tonight. It has been nice for our mom to have a break and a chance to sleep on a real bed...although I know she loves to be there for Mel.

Melanie gave me the run down of her treatment for the next four week. She will be given Prednisone everyday and on Mondays she will have three types of chemo injected into her spine and on Fridays she will have two types of chemo injected into her line. Even thought it isn't much fun, it is nice for Mel to have some sort of a schedule and know what to expect. I am amazed at Melanie's strength! What an example of courage and faith.

Well, when I left Mel's room, she was just starting to watch the movie '17 again' for a good laugh. I hope her night is a good one!

Thanks for the out pouring of love and prayers! Our family can't thank you enough it!

Mel did mention tonight that she's not sure who some of the blog comments are from. If you could please put your name at the end of your comment that would help Mel out. Thanks bunches!

By the way, her blasts (Leukemia cells) are down to 3%. They were at 75% when she started out. The chemo is working.


Alean said...


Game time tomorrow is at 6:30! I just got back from the movie Blindside, you are going to love Tim McGraw even more after you see it. So cute! I hope you have a great day and have some energy to enjoy the game! I'm thinking of you!

Kerren said...

Goodmorning Mel,
I'm so appreciative of your family and the help they're giving us so we can keep uptodate with your treatments and progress! What a great family! Their care and this blog are wonderful helps! It is also good to learn that your sense of humor is still intact, and that you're being a good strong patient. I know that phone chats are not very likely to happen, but if you ever feel like talking -- even at any weird hour -- you know I'm up for it! I'll see you again soon. Love and miss you. Kerren

Soto family said...

Hi Mel!
Hope you're day was good.... I am thinkin' about you. Muah!!! Love yer guts!