Saturday, November 21, 2009

No crying today

I finally made it home. Well, to Utah anyway. :) Angie came and picked me up from the airport. Where I was informed that there would be no crying today.... I just knew when I got in that room I wouldn't be able to help it. It has been so hard for me being so far away from home at a time like this. I have been so worried as we all have been. So I told Mel when I walked in the room that if she wanted me to come home for Thanksgiving that all she needed to do was ask! We laughed from that point on. We were all really glad to see her have a good day today. We had some good laughs.

It is now about 1:30 AM. Melanie is hanging in there. I don't think you ever get much rest in hospitals though. She says that nights seem so long to her.

I am just so thankful for all the support that all our friends and family have given Melanie and our family. Thank you so much! We are so lucky. Melanie is such a fighter! Keep it up Melanie! I love you so much!


Cami said...

I am certain your visit has boosted Mel's morale by leaps and bounds. It is always so fun to have you around Kim.

Tell Mel to keep fighting the 'yuckies'!

angie said...

Way to post Kim! So glad you were able to give mom a much needed break! Keep laughing, Melanie!

Darlene said...

I am so sad that this is happening. Know that I love your GUTS all the way from the Olympic Peninsula and that I am sending healing prayers in Jesus' mighty name.

I am trying to figure out how to get posts on my iPhone so I can stay connected all the time. You are a special person and there are still so many things for you to do so get well quickly so you can get to all those things.

Lots of love and do what the other posts say...... LAUGH. It is healing