Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 15

So, today is considered day 15 in Melanie's treatment plan. Today was a chemo day. Melanie told little Brooke (niece) on the phone that it was a "tired" day. Another lumbar puncture and chemo through her central line. Once again, the lumbar puncture was extremely painful. I can only imagine! At the end, they gave her some medicine to sedate her a little. I guess my mom asked if they can just give it to her at the beginning next week. I talked with my mom (I have no voice, therefore I am banned until I get better) and she said that a different doctor came in today. It was a female doctor named Dr. Ash. She really had some hopeful words. She is going to have one of her former patients, who has survived leukemia come and talk with Melanie.

Melanie's friend Jen brought down some hats and scarves from various people. Thank you to all who participated! Melanie will get some good use out of them, especially with the cold weather approaching. One aspect of Melanie's room is the inability to have a constant temperature. One minute you are hot, then the next it is cold. The hats will probably be on and off all day! Also, Keith and Nancy Hammond (Steve's parents) sent her some flowers. They were not aware of the no live flowers in her room, but it was so nice. The nurse brought them in for a second, and then Melanie was able to go out in the hall with her mask and have her picture taken with them. The nurse explained that some patients have taken a picture of just the arrangement, blown it up, and then hung it on the wall. That is the plan, and then maybe another patient who can have flowers in their room will enjoy them. Hopefully I can have Greg add the pictures of these great gifts!

We continue to be overwhelmed with the love and support for Melanie! It is the season of miracles, and we truly believe!

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Brynne said...

Hi Melanie,
You don't know me (although I'm pretty sure I know your sister, Angie, from her grad school days), I am a Prov Ele mom. My kids haven't been in your class but you are always so friendly and kind whenever I see you. You get rave reviews from parents in case you were wondering what they say about you :) We are sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but can see that you are a fighter and hope this phase in your life will pass quickly so you can get back to all that you love very soon. We are praying for you, your son, and your family. And will continue to follow your blog. Wishing you a speedy battle with the cancer--kick its butt!

Brynne Davies & family (Bryan, Spencer, Ivey, and Olivia)