Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Chemo Is Working

Here is a little update for the day. Melanie had another spinal lumbar tap today and was given three different types of chemo. My mom said she was not as nauseated as other days, but she was really tired. I guess they didn't get much sleep last night, and anyone who has stayed in the hospital knows it is impossible to get much sleep! They make Melanie get up a few times a day and go walking. It really wipes her out! She was feeling hungry today, which is a great thing! The doctor came in and talked with Melanie about the diagnosis and treatment plan again, since she was so out of it the first time. The leukemia cells in her body are called blasts. When she first started this process, she had 75% leukemia blasts, and today she had 5%. All her other blood levels are improving as well. So, the chemo is working! The big goal now is to get in remission. I have learned that remission does not mean the cancer is gone. It just means that the leukemia blasts can not be detected. I've had a few people ask me about the transplant. My mom explained it a bit better to me this evening. She is having a stem cell transplant, which means they take the cells from the donor peripherally (through the arm, hand, or such). When they take it through the hip, it is a bone marrow transplant. We will have to post a transplant 101, when we get to that point.

There are several fundraisers going on right now on Melanie's behalf. It is so overwhelming to see the out pouring of love! Melanie and our family have such an amazing circle of friends and family! THANK YOU! We will put the details about the various fundraisers on the side soon, so check them out!

Kaden was able to come down today and visit, so that was such a boost for Melanie. He is going to come down tomorrow with Cami as well. Kim is coming on Friday to spend some time. YEAH! She will also be the last sibling to be checked for a donor match. Keep praying and sending your kind thoughts and words of encouragement!



ndpettingill said...

It's great to hear those numbers! Melanie- I want you to know that our hearts are with you, and that if there is anything our family can do WE ARE AT YOUR SERVICE. Your new doo is adorable, too :)

The Murdocks said...

That is great news! And I like the short hair cut - you look so much like your mom, Melanie!

Kimbies said...

Well that is good news! Keep up the fight! :) I love you Mel! I will see you tomorrow.

Marianne said...

Hooray! That is fantastic news. I'm loving the new hair too!