Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some pics of Mel's room

I want to share a couple of pictures I took yesterday during my visit. Melanie doesn't want her picture taken right now which I totally understand. She got a haircut a couple of days ago and she hasn't had the tools to style it and it really bothers her. She will warm up to the idea of her picture being taken sometime. Her friend Suzanne took some pictures the night she cut Mel's hair, I will try to get them posted so you can see her new do.

This Melanie's new friend "Charlie" it is her shadow, lifeline and pain in the butt:
It goes with her everywhere! It delivers saline, antibiotics, anti-nausea medicine and calories. She also gets lots of medicine injected into her central line several times a day not including the chemo. Chemo is so toxic! It kills good and bad cells. She is given medicine to protect her bladder...I happen to know because I asked the nurse what she was giving a nice way...just wanting to be informed. Melanie also takes an anti-fungal medicine after using some medical mouthwash to prevent thrush, and an orange pill to prevent kidney stones. I'm sure there are lots of other meds that I know nothing about. Let's just say that she lots of stuff coursing through her veins. Bless whoever invented anti-nausea medicine, I can't imagine how Mel would be without it. It is no wonder Mel is so tired, I think it goes beyond tired into the completely sleep deprived and exhausted spectrum.

This last picture is of a cute banner her friend Suzanne made which people sign when they come to visit (such a cute idea). I'm not sure why I took it from this angle. It says,"We love you!"

I will post an update from today sometime. All of us will be contributing to this blog. All of us as in me (Cami), Angie, Mike, Greg, Kim and hopefully Mel at some point. We will just leave our name at the bottom of the post.

Lots of love to you Mel!!



lizandfrankfamily said...

This is the most awful news! I am heartbroken. What can I do to help? I live in Farmington and would be happy to let any family members crash on the couch if they ever need to. I know it's not that close to SLC, but it's right off the freeway and I'm happy to help. Also, we have a neighbor who has been battling the same thing for months. He just got his marrow transplant and is now at home. She will make! My prayers are with you all. xoxo

Jennifer said...

I am so sorry to hear the news! It brought me to tears and I couldn't imagine how it would it feel to have my own sibling go through this! Cami, if your sister and/or family need anything please call me or facebook me! Where does Mel teach. Is it in Utah County? Is there anything I can do to help her in her class. I can help put some lesson plans together!

Much love,
Jennifer Dunford Edwards

The Murdocks said...

We were so sad to hear this news about Melanie. We know that she is such a strong person though and will be able to fight her way through this. You are in our prayers Melanie. And Cami I live in Wellsville so if you ever need to leave your boys I would be more than happy to help in any way I can. Good Luck Mel!

Soto family said...

I'll be watching for the young single male doctor who is going to step in and sweep her off of her feet... what a way to meet men! Rich ones too! Ask him for a back rub! hahaha! :) Love you Melanie Ann! OKINAWA!!!!!!!!!!