Saturday, November 28, 2009

O Christmas Tree and Fun Visitors

Mel's chemo hangover continued today. She hasn't had any puking episodes with this round, but has been really tired. She was in great spirits despite it all. She had visits from Mark and Judy Daines, Pat and Frank Ashcroft and Steve and Pam Seamons. Mark and Judy brought her a small hymn book and it really got her choked up. Mel misses singing and playing the piano. It will be awesome for her to have a way to read the hymns. Pat and Frank's daughter Katie knitted Mel a super cute hat.

Mel sporting her new hat. Is it not so cute?!

Mel with Pat and Frank Ashcroft. Pat is a fellow Kindergarten teacher and a good friend of Melanie's.

Mel with Mark and Judy Daines. They are in Mel's ward and Mark is her Home Teacher.

Mel with Pam and Steve Seamons. They are family friends.

Kaden has had cold so he gets to wear this mask to protect his mom.

We set up Mel's tabletop tree tonight. Her and Kaden decorated it together. The tree lights give some soothing lighting to her room. Here are some pictures of the decorating fun.

Doesn't Mel look good. I think she is so beautiful!

We Love you!!


Brynne said...

VERY cute hat, you look great!

Joel's Family said...

You look FABULOUS!! Love the cute new hat.. The tree turned out super duper cute as well.

Alean said...

I'm so glad you got a tree and I love the hat! It's great to see you smiling Melanie.

Kerren said...

You ARE brave, Melanie -- and beautiful and strong. With all of these visitors, you must feel pretty important and well loved. I sure hope so! The Christmas tree is a nice addition to your decor. We're in MD with Melissa, Dave & family, and we're trimming the tree and decorating their home. I love Christmas!
Love you too.

The Johnson J's!! said...

Miss Melanie, I like your new haircut. You look very cute! I also really like your new hat! I like the flower on it! I like your Christmas tree, my favorite ornament is the yellow star with the red jewel in the middle. I am glad that you got to be with your family on Thanksgiving too! I miss seeing you at school, but we are doing great! I was brave and got my flu shot last week. Our class didn't cry very much! I can't wait to see more pictures of you.

Miss you like crazy,
Jillian Johnson (a.m Kindergarten)